2017 resolution

At JCA we have a New Year's resolution / obsession that we vow to stick to. Composting! We are composting at home and encouraging our restaurant clients to lead the way in commercial composting. The amount of food we waste in New York is pretty shocking - the NYC Department of Sanitation estimates on its webiite that a full third of the waste it collects is organic waste (food, food-soiled paper, and yard waste) which can all be diverted from the landfill stream and turned into useful stuff through composting.  I will admit that this process used to turn me off a bit before I researched the how to's - I assumed it was messy and smelly. It's really not.

My kids are sick of hearing me talk about it, but they're getting the hang of it and, I think, are proud of our new efforts. If you live in NYC you can look here to find out how to compost in your neighborhood: