Tile - why we like it

Our project for MediaMath at 4 World Trade was recently honored by the Italian Confindustria Cermica for its creative use of tile; we won "2017 Best Commercial Project" and the federation brought me out to Orlando to talk about the project. I have since been interviewed by a slew of industry folks wanting to hear more about when and why we specify tile in our projects. 

Certain materials feel comforting and warm to us, even if in color, tone and even touch they may be cool or even cold. Brick is one of these materials -- even when it's not the warm terracotta color we most associate with it,  brick feels human to us; we respond to its hand scale; it resonates with our body. Tile works the same way. We understand that each piece, no matter how humble the installation, is laid by hand. A simple wall of tile, say a subway tile in white with white grout, is beautiful and satisfying because its decorative quality comes from the way in which it is assembled.

And of course tile is super easy to care for, and to keep clean - just watch your grout color!

Tile also fits into pretty much any budget: you can spend as much as you want, but you can also spend very little and get excellent, long lasting results.


tile floor_mediamath