Art and Interiors: part one

I love it when we get a client who is serious about supporting emerging artists, and we are lucky to have two such clients right now. MediaMath and honeygrow both invest serious time and money in new arts talent, in different ways. 

It may surprise you to hear that MediaMath, the leading digital marketing and software company, employs (in addition to the mathematicians and engineers and sales people you'd expect) a lot of artists. Their VP of Information Technology and Facilities is a practicing visual artist working in video, photography, and mixed media. He hires artists as project managers for his departments because he says their creative  problem-solving abilities are well above most other applicants. Upside for us on the design side: these people tend to be super fun to work with and collaborate with - they are accustomed to thinking and talking visually, and they enjoy doing so as much as we do.

Every time MediaMath opens or renovates a new office (which, lucky for us again, is pretty often) their facilities team researches and buys artwork for the company's impressive collection. This collection is curated entirely by the internal team, which has also put together a gorgeous catalog with thoughtful essays. They select artwork that reflects in some way the digital focus of the company, but that doesn't mean it's all computer generated. On the contrary, a lot of the work appears completely hand-created - but includes a digital backstory or process without which the work would not be possible. We get to help the team place the art and light it appropriately, and in the process we learn about interesting new people and techniques. 

Next time: honeygrow and the arts