Art and Interiors: Part Two

As I noted last month, we love it when clients put their money where the mouth is when it comes to supporting the arts. In the prior post we wrote about MediaMath and their somewhat unusual practice of hiring artists in their facilties and IT departments, and their serious collection of new art.

Honeygrow, the fast casual powerhouse that we are proud to name a a client, is also investing a lot in artists.  Their focus is on supporting the artist community in the places where they open new restaurants, and it takes a lot of time and commitment to do this well. Chief branding officer Jen Denis conducts extensive research and then reaches out to local artists to discuss location-specific possibilites for featuring their work. Sometimes this takes the form of a site-specific mural, as at Court Street in Brooklyn. Other times the company commissions the artist to create a video of their city, as at Charles Village, Baltimore - which runs as the background of the customer ordering interface. 

We try to set off the work in the best possible way, lighting it carefully and giving it some breathing room - we've all been in restaurants where the art feels like an afterthought, and always want the honeygrow art to feel as purposeful and important to the diner as it is to the client.

martha rich mural